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Payment & Delivery

1. What payment options are available in your store?
The most preferred and fastest payment method is cryptocurrency. We only accept bitcoins (BTC).

2. My order is withdrawn. Can you get my money back?
In accordance with our terms of order, we do not refund in the following cases:

a) you paid for your order, but changed your mind
b) your order has been seized or lost, damaged, etc.

In this case, we forward it a second time (but only once!) And carefully reduce any possible risks of confiscation.

1. Where do you send your parcels from?

All parcels are shipped from our warehouses in the USA

2. With what do you send parcels?

We use USPS, a proven method, with minimal risk of product loss.

3. How long does delivery take?

As a rule, delivery takes from 2 to 5 days, in rare cases (natural disasters, emergencies) delivery may be delayed by the courier service.

4. Shipping cost?
$20 regardless of shipping volume.

5. My order is withdrawn / lost / damaged! Are you forwarding this?
Yes, we will resend your order. However, there must be sufficient reason / proof for the redirection. If it's a loss or seizure, we see it usually by the tracking number. However, if your order is lost but the tracking number indicates it has been delivered, you must provide some evidence of the order not delivered (claim for loss from the postal service, etc.).