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USROIDSTORE is now open! Welcome everyone, our shop is finally open and we are happy to supply our customers with the best gear available on the market! Stay tuned for new products, news and promos! Many athletes, especially fans of fitness and bodybuilding, know about the existence of anabolic steroids firsthand. They regularly take these drugs in courses, and feel great. Others, on the contrary, are afraid of fire like substances after hearing negative reviews.So how is it really? Is there any benefit from anabolic steroids and how great is the harm? To begin with, any pharmacological (and not only) drug in large doses cannot be useful. In addition, there is always a risk of buying fake drugs, so you should start by looking for the right medicine with the right supplier. On our site you can order high-quality sports pharmacology products, as well as find out more about dosages and much more. But even the highest quality drug can have a negative effect - it really is. Since these medicines increase testosterone production, which leads to an accelerated metabolism and muscle growth, their use is very harmful at a young age. There is a high probability that this can lead to a decrease in the natural production of the mentioned hormone. This leads to sad consequences: a decrease in libido and erectile function, the acquisition of effeminate qualities of the body and so on. But at a more mature age (from 25 years) men can start taking these drugs, if such a need is present. The duration of administration and dosage is an individual and extremely important moment. If everything is correctly calculated with the help of an appropriately qualified medical professional, anabolic steroids can really help. And not just increase muscle mass, but also improve the body. For this reason, these kinds of drugs are prescribed even for diabetes, because they increase the production of insulin, which reduces sugar levels. Steroid courses. If you want to take steroids, then be sure to go through a doctor’s examination. Consult a trusted coach. Under the age of 18, it is generally forbidden to take them. Since the endocrine system suffers.Mandatory conditions for admission: course no higher than 6 weeks; intense workouts while taking; high-calorie nutrition; Do not start the admission program after strength training; observe the regime of rest and sleep, as the muscles grow quickly, and the ligaments and tendons lag behind. With a lack of rest and pauses between workouts, there will be injuries; monitor the intervals between courses to prevent the development of hepatitis and liver problems. I recommend you short courses. Such courses will not give side effects. They range from 2 to 4 weeks. Best for 2-3 weeks. This is the best course of steroids on weight. Usually two types of short courses of administration are used: solo, in which only one drug is used; complex - when several drugs are taken simultaneously